Peony’s Tavern

Status: Ongoing

Original Title: 芍藥客棧
Alternate Title:
Flower Demon’s Tavern (花妖客棧)
Author: Yi Mei Tong Qian (一枚銅錢)
Genre: Xuanhuan, Fantasy, Romance, Historical, Cultivation
Published: 2015
Length: 9 Chapters, 86 Subchapters

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Chapter Index

Intro & Synopsis

Chapter 01: Wine Banner of an Ancient Tavern

Part 1.01Part 1.02Part 1.03
Part 1.04Part 1.05Part 1.06
Part 1.07Part 1.08

Chapter 02: Hand in Hand for Three Lifetimes Without Regret

Part 2.01Part 2.02Part 2.03
Part 2.04Part 2.05Part 2.06
Part 2.07Part 2.08Part 2.09
Part 2.10Part 2.11Part 2.12

Chapter 03: White Rain Brings Chaos to Town

Part 3.01Part 3.02Part 3.03
Part 3.04Part 3.05

Chapter 04: Pristine Bamboo & Lotus Buds

Part 4.01Part 4.02Part 4.03
Part 4.04Part 4.05

Chapter 05: Temptation of the Blooming Peony

Part 5.01Part 5.02Part 5.03
Part 5.04Part 5.05Part 5.06
Part 5.07Part 5.08

Chapter 06: A Boundless, Blissful Dreamland

Part 6.01Part 6.02Part 6.03
Part 6.04Part 6.05Part 6.06
Part 6.07

Chapter 07: A Pair of Mandarin Ducks, Never to Part

Part 7.01Part 7.02Part 7.03
Part 7.04Part 7.05Part 7.06
Part 7.07Part 7.08Part 7.09
Part 7.10Part 7.11Part 7.12
Part 7.13Part 7.14Part 7.15

Chapter 08: Startling Truths and Falsehoods

Part 8.01Part 8.02Part 8.03
Part 8.04Part 8.05Part 8.06
Part 8.07Part 8.08Part 8.09
Part 8.10Part 8.11Part 8.12
Part 8.13Part 8.14Part 8.15
Part 8.16Part 8.17

Chapter 09: Holding Your Hand Through the Wind and Rain

Part 9.01Part 9.02Part 9.03
Part 9.04Part 9.05Part 9.06
Part 9.07Part 9.08Part 9.09